Class Schedule for Registering

Room Number9am-10am10am-11am11am-12pm12pm-1pm1pm-2pm
Room 601 (large)U.S. Geography (4th-8th)Creative Writing (4th-8th grade)Beginner Sewing (min age 8 )Beginner Sewing
(min age 8)
Room 602 (large)Preschool (ages 3-5)Preschool Story Adventure (ages 3-5)Creative Movement (ages 3-5)
Room 606 (large)Algebra Tasks and Tutoring (8th-12th grade)Entrepreneurship and Business (9th-12th grade)Spanish 1 (4th-8th grade)Notes on Notes (6th-9th grade)
Room 501 (small)Beginner Crochet (10 and up)STEM: Take Flight (4th-6th grade)
Room 502 (small)Elementary Spanish
Beginner Chess (8 and up)
OutsideElementary P.E. (1st-5th grade)Middle/High School P.E. (6th grade and up)
Room 603 (parent lounge)Mom’s Book StudyMom Crochet

To register for classes, simply email the instructor(s) using their contact information below. Classes are filled on first-come, first-serve basis, and many will have waiting lists available. You will then hear back from the instructors with important class information including supplies, class procedures, etc.

Please make sure your Hub registration is paid by August 30th to avoid your student(s) being dropped from classes. Thank you!

Class descriptions:

  • Algebra Tasks and Tutoring: Part 1: Algebra Tasks– Students will work through a math task individually and then with each other to develop or deepen an Algebra concept. The instructor will facilitate discussion and formalize the concept for clarity. Part 2: Tutoring– Students will have the opportunity to receive individualized help with any Algebra topic. To best organize questions, students will have access to submit their question(s) prior to class. In a lecture format, the instructor will help explain how to approach the submitted problems or clarify troublesome topics for the class. $30/month or $75/semester. Sibling discount available. (Max. class size- 15) Instructor: Tiffany Shepard
  • Beginner Chess: Learn the fundamentals of chess play to include the rules, movement of pieces, and more. $20/semester or purchase your own set to use in class from here: Drawstring Chess Set with Regulation Pieces . (Max class size- 10) Instructor: Cy Perkins
  • Beginner Crochet: Learn the basics of crochet and complete a full project by the end of the semester. $8/class or $60/semester (Max. class size- 8) Instructor: Meg Pileggi
  • Beginner Sewing: Ages 8 and up. Introduction to machine sewing and hand sewing. Students will be working with real sewing machines, so please consider this before registering. Students should have a genuine interest in learning to sew. $10/week. Parents are invited to learn free with their student. (Max. class size- 4) Instructor: Joanne Hughes
  • Creative Movement: A joyful way for children to learn and explore movement through music, develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. Movement and learning will be taught through rhyme, games, singing, instruments, props, musical story telling and lots of fun! $25/month. (Max. class size- 12) Instructor: Jentry Albritton
  • Creative Writing: Learn to write creatively by sparking imagination, kindling creativity, and finding the joy in writing! From descriptive words to stories to poetry and more, this course will use The Good and the Beautiful Creative Writing book 1 as it’s curriculum. $5/class or $50/semester. (Max. class size 20) Instructor: Courtney Johnson
  • Elementary P.E.: A fun outdoor time of health and fitness instruction including fundamental sports skills introduction, and a focus on active play. $5/week or $50/semester (minimum 5 students) Instructor: Carrie Himes
  • Elementary Spanish: Spanish fun and learning for elementary school students. $5/class or $40/semester (Max. class size- 12) Instructor: Meg Pileggi
  • Entrepreneurship and Business: This course will introduce students (open to their parents as well) to key concepts and framework which are vital to business and entrepreneurship. While the concepts will be advanced, the class will use easily understandable examples and stories to make them accessible by all. Topics to be covered include key financial terms, marketing concepts,  business operations, and more. This course will be presented in a lecture/ conversational manner where discussion is encouraged. No cost, but pay as able to fund future classes. (Max. class size- 20) Instructor: Daniel Williamson
  • Middle and High School P.E.: A fun outdoor time of health and fitness instruction including fundamental sports skills introduction, and a focus on active play. $5/week or $50 semester (minimum 5 students) Instructor: Carrie Himes
  • Preschool: A hands-on, fun-filled learning environment that helps students develop through the concepts of the alphabet, numbers, hands on science, and social skills. All students must be potty trained. $50/semester (sibling discount available) (Max class size- 10) 9am Instructor: Joi Lemon
  • Preschool Story Adventure: Jump into a fun book each week with activities, crafts, and playtime. $50/semester (sibling discount available) (Max class size- 10) Instructors: Kelly Taylor and Merryn Taylor
  • Mom’s Book Study: A weekly book study for moms on the book MamaBear Apologetics, with a side of prayer and fellowship. Free. Instructor: Erica Varney
  • Mom’s Crochet: Learn to crochet or crochet along with friends if you already know how. Free. Instructor: Meg Pileggi
  • Notes on Notes: Become a better note-taker. Learn different ways to take notes from a variety of sources and even learn how to present from notes. A valuable skill for students of all ages. $4/class or $40/semester. Discount available for siblings. Instructor: Kelly Taylor
  • Spanish I: Learn the fundamentals of Spanish in a fun class environment. $5/class or $40/semester(Max. class size- 12) Instructor: Meg Pileggi
  • STEM: Take Flight: Using science, technology, engineering, and math to study the principles of flight! Learn how things fly and build things that fly! $5/class or $50/semester (Max. class size- 20) Instructor: Donnie Harris
  • United States Geography: Explore geography basics and take a trip across the United States as we learn more about all 50 states! $5/class or $50/semester. Discount available for siblings. (Max. class size 20) Instructor: Kelly Taylor

Other rooms/uses:

Room 603- Parent Lounge with couches and coffee maker

Room 604- Study Hall

Room 605- Homeschooling room for families