Class Schedule

Room Number9am-10am10am-11am11am-12pm12pm-1pm1pm-2pm
Room 601 (large)Multiplication Mastery (4th-8th)Intro to Watercolor (see requirements below)STEM: Paper Bag Challenge (3rd-6th)NC HIstory and Geography (4th-8th)LEGO STEM and Play (2nd grade and up)
Room 602 (large)Preschool (ages 3-5)Preschool Continued (ages 3-5)
Room 606 (large)Art for Beginners (1st-5th)Photography (Ages 10+)Advanced Drawing (6th-12th)Advanced Beginner Sewing (2 hours)Advanced Beginner Sewing (2 hours)
Room 501 (small)Beginner Spanish (6th grade and up)Beginner Recorder (ages 9-12)Literature Circles (grades 6-9)Socratic Circles (13+)
Room 502 (small)
OutsideSports Performance-Health and Fitness (6-12th grade)Middle/High School P.E. (6th-12th grade)
Room 604Teen Study HallTeen Study HallTeen Writing Lab and Tutoring (8th-12th)Teen Study Hall
Chess Club (in Homeschool Room)
* All classes are 55 minutes long to give 5 minutes for transition to the next instructor.

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Class descriptions:

  • Advanced Beginner Sewing: Ages 8 and up. Students will learn more sewing skills required such as reading a pattern, cutting out their own projects, “fancy stitches” care and cleaning of their machines and more. $10/week. Parents are invited to learn free with their student. (Max. class size- 5) Instructor: Joanne Hughes (
  • Advanced Drawing: (6th-12th) (Students need to have mastered basic drawing skills for this class) Ideally, 6 art drawing projects, with weekly drawing instruction and quick class projects. This class will require bringing art materials and some outside art time to complete projects. $8/week. Instructor: Erica Varney (
  • Art for Beginners: (1st-5th) Intro to art will go over basic elements of art, with weekly projects covering different mediums. Materials included. $10/week. Instructor: Erica Varney (
  • Beginner Recorder: (9-12) Learn the basics of music theory and proper playing technique using the soprano recorder! This class is aimed toward 9-12 year olds, but all ages are welcome to join. No experience or previous music instruction required. $35/semester for the first student, $25/semester for siblings Instructor: Taylor Underwood (
  • Beginner Spanish: (6th grade and up) Hola! Join us for a semester of Spanish! This exciting class is designed to introduce students to the rich and vibrant world of the Spanish language. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, students will develop fundamental language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Emphasis will be placed on basic vocabulary, grammar, and essential phrases to build a strong foundation for communication. To reinforce learning, students are expected to dedicate 30 minutes per week to book work and vocabulary practice. Required text: $5/week (Min. Class size- 10) Instructor: Meg Pileggi (
  • High School Writing Lab and Tutoring: Students can receive help and proofreading for essays and written assignments, as well as tutoring help as needed for any writing task. This will be less of a class and more of an hour of available help and instruction. Instructor: Courtney Johnson ($5/week, $50 semester) (
  • Intro to Watercolor: (All grades, but students should have basic drawing skills.) Students will cover some color theory and basic watercolor skills then complete weekly watercolor projects in class. Basic supplies will be required for class. $5/week Instructor: Erica Varney (
  • LEGO STEM and Play: (2nd grade and up) Use LEGOS to complete challenges or just use your own creativity. LEGOS will be sanitized each week and hands will be washed before and after play. 2nd grade and up. (Max. class size 8) Free Instructor: Hollie Hardison (
  • Literature Circles (6-9th grade): Dive into great literature, perfect for middle and early high school. We’ll read one book every two weeks and have discussion and activities for reading comprehension and literary analysis. Novels will include: Hatchet, From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, The War that Saved my Life, Hattie Big Sky, and Cheaper by the Dozen . $5/class or $50/semester. (Max. class size 15) Instructor: Courtney Johnson (
  • Middle and High School P.E.: A fun outdoor time of health and fitness instruction including fundamental sports skills introduction, and a focus on active play. $5/week or $50 semester (minimum 6 students) Instructor: Carrie Himes (
  • Multiplication Masters: (4th-8th grade) In this class, we will work to memorize multiplication facts through various games and activities led by a licensed math instructor. $60/semester (Max. class size- 15) Instructor: Tiffany Shepard (
  • North Carolina History and Geography: (4th-8th)Explore what makes North Carolina one of the best states 🙂 as we learn the unique history and geography of our home state. $5/class or $50/semester. Discount available for siblings. $5/wk or $50/semester (Max. class size 20) Instructor: Kelly Taylor (
  • Photography: Learn the basics of photography using either a DSLR camera or phone camera from a professional photographer. Ages 10+ $50/semester (Max. class size- 12) Instructor: Lindsay Corrigan (
  • Preschool (2-hour class): A hands-on, fun-filled learning environment that helps students develop through the concepts of the alphabet, numbers, hands on science, and social skills. All students must be potty trained. $75/semester (Max class size- 10) Instructor: Joi Lemon (
  • Socratic Circles (ages 13+): using the Socratic Method of discussion, we will explore a range of topics. Students will be assigned a topic and the following week we will meet to discuss. Critical thinking, respectful discussion, listening skills, and more will be gained as students discover new points of view. $5/wk or $50/semester Instructor: Kelly Taylor (
  • STEM: Paper Bag Challenge: (3rd-6th) Fun and educational activities that engage students in hands-on learning. Each week students will receive a paper bag with specific materials, and then complete a design or engineering challenge. $6/class or $60/semester (Max. class size- 20) Instructor: Donnie Harris (
  • Sports Performance/Health & Fitness: Students will learn from a personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist all of the components of sports performance. Including: 1) agility, (2) coordination, (3) balance, (4) power, (5) reaction time, and (6) speed. This class will help students in any sport, including dance & gymnastics, to improve in these areas and learn to implement a healthy lifestyle. (6-12th grade) $5 wk/$50 semester (minimum 6 students) Instructor: Carrie Himes (

Other rooms/uses:

Room 603- Parent Lounge with couches and coffee maker

Room 604- Study Hall

Room 605- Homeschooling room for families